Statement on Privacy and Protection of Personal Data

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you (as a natural person) about what Personal Data (IAS) we collect, why we collect it, what is the legal framework that allows them to be processed and how you can exercise your rights, ie to exercise your rights. ask us for information, their deletion, their possible update, etc. 

It also shows our compliance with the legislation (Law 4624/2019) and in particular with the Regulation EU 679/2016, for the Protection of Personal Data (IFRS), and our respect for the protection of privacy and security of IFRS. 

It applies to IFRS that you, as individuals, provide to us as well as to IFRS that we collect, in the context of our activities and as a Processor. 

This Privacy Policy has been posted on our website on 6.11.19 and supersedes any prior version. It is addressed to any natural person who has or intends to have any kind of relationship with us.