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'LEGIT' is
a family

The main goal of Enerdata Enterprise Solutions is to provide quality services and high customer satisfaction. Enerdata Enterprise Solutions implements turnkey business solutions on time.


The company was created by professionals in the field of information technology with over 25 years of experience, with an appetite for creation and supply.

The people of Enerdata Enterprise Solutions have extensive experience in Project Management, Business Consulting, Software Development, Programming, Customization, Users’ Training, network installation and management. and hardware and uses the most advanced cutting-edge technologies.


With more than 20 years of experience in ERP applications we can design and implement words for any small or large business based on the most popular ERP systems on the market. With our experience in developing business intelligence (BI) applications we can develop management information (MIS) and business decision support (DSS) applications for any activity and any database.


With our experience in requirements analysis and application development we can implement specialized applications in a minimum of time.

Team of Enerdata Enterprise Solutions



The specialized team of consultants and technicians of Enerdata Enterprise Solutions covers the needs of its customers beyond the initial implementation stage throughout the normal operation of the system, providing support and training whenever needed to old and new users.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

With the systems supported by Enerdata Enterprise Solutions any idea can be implemented without affecting any other activity.